Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Decorating your Spanish Classroom

Looking for ways to spice up the look of your classroom? Don't have the budget to order $20+ posters? Check out these affordable ways to make your classroom a bit more special!

-Flags of Spanish speaking Countries
-Spanish Speaking Countries Flags and Coloring Pages
-Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries Classroom Decor
-Aqui sehabla espanol 21 circle posters of countries/capitals

Bulletin Board Set:
-Autumn Fast Finishers Bulletin Board Set
-Spanish Speaking Countries Photos Facts Classroom Decorations
-Spanish Phrase of the Week Posters (36 pages)
-Verb Word Wall Bulletin
-Top 120 Common Spanish Verbs

-Superheroes Calendar Set
-Classroom Calendar Newsletter Templates 
-Calendar Set in Spanish
-Calendar Bulletin Board Kit Printable
-Posters/Cards of the Months and seasons
-Decorative Posters of the Days

-Letreros para centros con superheroes
-Spanish Pennant Banners Bundle
-Class Helpers Monitors Ayudantes (editable)
-Quien Soy Pennants

-Superheroes Teach Classroom Rules and Passwords
-Foreign Language Learning Goal Posters Level 1
-Spanish Snappy Sayings or Chants For the Spanish Classroom
-Spanish bulletin board circumlocution
-Spanish Question Words Visuals
-Spanish Interrogativos Question Words Interrogatives Classroom Signs Posters
-Motivational Posters SPANISH
-Subject Pronoun Posters 1
-Subject Pronoun Posters 2
-Subject Pronoun Strips
-20 Chistes/Jokes in Spanish
-Present Tense Verb Posters

-Two Bienvenidos Pennants
-Flower Clock Kit in Spanish 
-Spanish Speaking Countries Flags Letters
-Illustrated Instruction Cards Printable
-Top 50 Survival Expressions

-Spanish Classroom Labels (55 Rainbow labels)
-Hispanic Countries Info Labels

Classroom Themes:

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