Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to School Stock Up

Well, with back to school looming and the TeachersPayTeachers Back to School Sale scheduled for August 3rd and 4th, we thought we would highlight some items that you are going to want to put in your wishlist and check out on Monday or Tuesday.

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Here they are:

Check out this FREE Spanish Teacher e-book with great back to school tips.

Find some inspiration for your classes this year with tips and freebies from many of the top Spanish sellers on TpT. Each page is packed with tips, freebies, and other resources to help you add some fun to your classroom. Be sure to click on the image for the free item on each page and to check out the other great resources by that seller. Links to 20 free resources and includes some great tips to start your year off!

This one is in my wishlist. It's an Editable Double-Sided Flip Book Template Bundle {No Fuss Edition} 
Just enter your text, print, and staple! That is it! They are also double sided. I spent HOURS measuring and test printing each page to make sure that the flaps will line up when double sided. No more wasted paper!
This also includes a template in Spanish, but you can edit any part of it to create your own flipbook. Great to include in interactive notebooks.

Looking for some authentic clip art that represents the culture? Then you'll want to pick up Clip Art Cultura. This includes 65 awesome images from a fruit cart to papel picado to calaveras and more! For other clipart that you can use year-round check out our post with links to various products: Spanish Teacher Clipart.

If you're looking for Speaking Activities, this Bundle of Spanish Conversation Cards includes
questions for beginning students all the way up to AP students. 

Have a few minutes to spare at the end of class; break these cards out and ask students questions. Want to focus the class on communication; form a circle and have students ask each other. Many ways to integrate these cards into your lessons.

If you are looking for another bargain, check out this pack of 20 projects for your Spanish class, which includes the new updated Facebook Project, Country Research Project, Comic Strips to tell a story, House Project, Family Project, and many more. 

For a fun and entertaining activity, check out this Ridiculous Prom Photos: Spanish Communicative Activities activity where students describe hilarious photos. 25 silly photos with 4 different ways to use them as a lesson. Can't wait to see how my students react to this one!

If you've just got a job teaching elementary Spanish, this is a must have product for you. It's a Year Long Spanish Curriculum Pack for Elementary School Printable Resources!  What a huge bargain this is! 

I know you do a unit about Likes and Dislikes, so this integrated performance assessment (IPA) packet is for you. Includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks. 9 pages in total that are worth every penny!

Here's some other items you may be interested in checking out:
-Hispanic Countries Video Clips for 21 Spanish Speaking Countries

-Spanish Interactive Notebook MEGA Bundle

-TPR Vocabulary List and Word Wall
-Spanish Verbs Mega Bundle of 5: Regular, Irregular, Stem, Gustar, Tener Idioms
-Spanish Realidades 1 Task Cards BUNDLE

If you want to check out other Spanish Teachers' store, here are 12 Spanish shops that I recommend.

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