Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teacher Resources 4/29

It's Wednesday. That means its time for another posting of awesome foreign language resources. This week's theme is social media.

Spanish Social Media Products:

Students create their own 'Facebook' profile page that describes themselves in Spanish. This 'perfil' will include students writing about themselves, giving: name, origin, birthdate, favorite activities, hobbies, movies, tv shows, comments from 'friends' and more.

Includes list for common vocabulary/terminology used by Facebook. Spanish speakers will usually talk about their "face" in reference to their "feisbuk"

Instagram Project Family Tree for World Language
This project gives the traditional World Language Family Tree project a much needed facelift! Instead of creating a photo album of family members, students will instagram about their family! Includes:
1. Teacher Info Page: includes ACTFL Standards met!
2. Student Info Handout: includes rubric and an example in Spanish 3. Instagram Template for the Students' Accounts
4. Instagram Templates for the Students' Posts: includes two versions for pictures size 4"x6" as well as two other template for other picture sizes. 
See also Instagram Project for Dream House
You can have students use it in class by filling in their own information in Spanish, or if you read a story (like La Tumba or Pobre Ana) you could have students fill this in with information about what's happening in the book! This is probably an assignment best for individual work.

This blank profile feed is modeled after the new "Twitter" layout that your students are using right now.
Pinteresante - Pinterest board for Spanish Class:
Students "pin" information about a country.  There are seven spaces for pins – all pin spaces include a picture area (could be hand drawn or printed off), a section to add information about the cultural item chosen, and a “pinneado de” at the bottom to list the source where they obtained their info!

Using Instagram as Authenic Language in Spanish Class
This product contains a powerpoint with 28 authentic images, and gives you over 5 ways to incorporate them into your class. Also includes a student handout of the powerpoint, as well as a folder full of the 28 images.

French Social Media Products:

French Facebook Timeline Student Profile

This is a 4-page printable French Facebook template.

It is UP-TO-DATE so that it is familiar for students and consistent with what they already know. The template includes details such as space for a cover photo, timeline, recent places, friends, family, and interests such as favourite books and movies. It can be used as a get to know you activity for the beginning of the school year, to introduce new vocabulary or as a supply teacher day plan.

Tweeting French Adverbs
Searching for a way to teach French adverbs? Use this activity where students read tweets with particular adverbs, create a "tweet" in class on a sticky note (and tweet it on Twitter if they choose) and then search Twitter for tweets they can understand using any adverb ending in -ment. \

Can be used it in French III, but it would be appropriate for II if that's when you teach adjectives, or as a review in IV and AP.

French Twitter - Daily Tweet
This is a French twitter page that can be used as bell work, or a quick daily journal activity. There is a spot for the date, and a small box for a daily tweet, where the students write a quick sentence using a sentence starter. The large full page template can be laminated and used to write the sentence starter. It is also included. Tweets should be short (max 140 characters)

German Social Media Products:
The German Sektor blog tells about how she incorporates twitter into her classroom. Read about it here.

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