Monday, September 14, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

We've compiled a list of great resources and links to get you through Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15. You'll need a month worth of ideas and we've got your covered with the following blog posts, pins, freebies, and resources.

Blog Posts
10 Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month by Señora Cruz
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Spanish Classroom by World Language Café 

Hispanic Heritage Month Project for Elementary by Fun for Spanish Teachers
Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas by SpanishPlans
Keeping a  Perspective when learning culture by SpanishPlans

Pinterest Boards
Hispanic Heritage Month by SraCruz
Hispanic Heritage Month by World Lang Cafe
Hispanic Heritage Month in a FLES Classroom by Fun for Spanish Teachers
Hispanic Countries and Culture by Spanishplans
Hispanic Holidays and Celebration by Spanishplans

Free Items

Easy Ways to Decorate Your French Classroom

1.  Print out high quality photos from trips you've taken to Francophone countries, laminate them, and add them around the room.
2.  Laminate some post cards from various French speaking places and place them around the room.
3.  Use a search engine to find quotes from famous French speaking people.  Write down your favorite and print them out in various colors and fonts.  Laminate them and post them around the classroom.
4.  Buy some colorful fabric in blue, white, and red and use that as the background of bulletin boards.  Fabric lasts longer than paper and it is more appealing to the eye.
5.  Display student work around the classroom.

Étiquettes pour Tiroirs
Affiches de sons
French Second Language Questions Posters
Les Hiboux Classroom Décor Pack
French Target Language Flag Posters
French Color Posters
French Good Manners Poster 

High Quality Sets
Les Prépositions
French Alphabet Poster
French Accent Posters
French Weather Posters
French Number Posters

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Identity and Personal Information

I was looking for a way to review and practice students giving information about themselves. I found this great activity that was perfect.

On Day 1, I used this slide where students had to complete the sentences with the correction question word. I had been asking these questions to students for the past week.

The following day, on Day 2, I asked students how to ask for the following information (How do you ask for someone's name). After coming up with the question, I projected this on the board:

Then, to go along with our school's theme of Superheros, I told students they were getting new identities/aliases today and they had to interview their partner. Each student got a character card that had the following information on it:
32 Character Cards



Students interviewed their classmates and used the information from the card to answer the questions. The next step was presenting themselves to the class. I left the slide on the board for students to reference putting it in a full sentence. 
As students listened to their classmates, they had to write the name of the classmates on a chart that described the characteristics of certain identities (Busco a alguien page).

If you want a set of 32 Character cards and a whole lot of other activities, check out all the details here.

This ready to print lesson contains 30 pages and many different activities to practice!

If you want to practice just Name, age, country, birthday, then you might want to check out Tarjetas Personales. These are also a great way to match up classmates. We also have a French version

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Customized Spanish Stories

Need a fresh activity to reinforce vocabulary in your unit?  I want to write you a customized Spanish story that will fit with your specific vocabulary! 
Here's how it works: 
1) Email me a list of the words you are hoping to teach
2) Let me know the age group and level of your students. Do you want only present tense or just accurate tenses?
3) I will write you an original, custom story with comprehension questions, post it in my TpT store, and email you that it's ready for purchase!   The whole thing only costs $3.00!

For more information or to request a custom story, please email me at ¡Gracias!