Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday

Now is the time to finally make the purchase of that item you added to your wishlist. We have taken our most wishlisted item from our TpT stores and put it on sale for 25-30% off! But this special offer only lasts 3 days, so don't miss your opportunity to get our most wanted items!

Now is your chance to get SpanishPlans's Spanish Conversation Cards at its biggest discount.
Over 175 questions covering 9 common level 1 topics such as family, food, routines, and more.  Great activity to get your students asking and answering questions en español.

The Spanish and ASL Lady has her popular AP Spanish: Speaking Task Cards on sale.

Set of 18 (3 per AP theme) task cards designed after the speaking prompts on the AP exam will get your students talking in Spanish and ready for the format they'll see on the exam. Each task card contains 8-10 line prompts to keep the conversation going and on track, while still allowing students to discuss their own opinions on a wide variety of topics.

Fun for Spanish Teachers is throwing her 42 Songs for Spanish Class product on sale. This audio file contains 42 songs that will add a lot of fun to your Spanish class. It has songs that supports many of your units. It includes lyrics in Spanish. Happy singing!

If you've been waiting for Spanish Sundries's
Spanish Proficiency Test: Novice-Mid to go on sale, now's your chance!

This assessment is a tool for gathering data and providing feedback as to student's proficiency levels during their first and second years of language study in Spanish. This assessment is directly aligned with the ACTFL progress indicators for Novice-Mid fluency. This assessment addresses all skill areas; Interpersonal Speaking, Presentational Speaking, Presentational Writing, Interpretive Listening, and Interpretive Reading.

Sol Azúcar by Catharyn Crane is celebrating Wishlist Wednesday with Mi vida loca: Video guide Episodes 1 - 6.
“Mi vida loca” is a fun, INTERACTIVE Spanish video series for beginning Spanish students that is FREE online! Use these guided notes as a way to ensure that your students follow along with the video and to assess their understanding of the content. Stream all 22 episodes from the BBC. This video guide covers EPISODES 1 - 6 of the series.

The World Language Cafe's most wishlisted item this week is 50 Spanish Games and Activities to Spice Up Your Classroom.

Add some spice to your Spanish classroom. Teach your students Spanish while: designing T-shirts, enjoying authentic food at your own language cafe, playing classroom sports, singing songs, writing fairy tales, acting out movies, and much, much more. Your students will learn a ton, but won't even notice because they'll be having such a blast. These games can be used for speaking, listening, reading, writing, and projects as well as to review verb tenses, conjugations, culture, and vocabulary for elementary to AP students.

YB Smith of Spanish Resource Shop features this Spanish Question Words Picture Notes as the wishlist item of the week.
This set contains all of the question words in two formats: 1. Picture notes with word labels which can be used to introduce the vocabulary, review pronunciation, prepare for an exam, or cut into flash cards for study purposes; and 2. Pictures without word labels, which may be used as a homework assignment, quiz or test of the vocabulary.

Meanwhile, La Profesora Frida's offers this Spanish Family Unit, La Familia, Stations / Differentiated Instruction as its Wishlist Wednesday feature.
A 40 page packet of activities to help you teach La Familia in Spanish presented in ways that help students practice the all important reading, writing, speaking and listening Spanish skills. Use these activities individually to supplement your existing family curriculum or set up STATIONS and use all of the activities for differentiated instruction. Instructions for differentiated instruction are included!

Sra. Cruz's Cultura Diaria is her most wanted item.
This is a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of Hispanic culture.
Cultura Diaria is a daily fact related to Hispanic culture. Topics include: why students should learn Spanish, each of the Spanish-speaking countries, holidays and celebrations, and famous Hispanic artists and authors. Cultura Diaria includes 34 weeks worth of culture facts and 4 quizzes. A great way to use this is to project the fact on the board for students to copy at the beginning of class, discuss and show relevant photographs and videos, and then give students an open-note quiz (included) once per quarter. 

Spanish Descriptive Adjectives Create a Person is the Island Teacher's submission this week. And it's no doubt! In this activity, students create an adjective person about
themselves or another person (family member, friend, famous person, etc.) to answer the question ¿Cómo soy yo? or ¿Cómo es ____? This activity would work well after you have introduced students to Spanish descriptive adjectives. Students fill in the body of the person with adjectives and then assemble their person to present or display. Included in this file is everything that students need to create their adjective "person".

A Teachable Year's most desired item is her Cinderella - Print & Go Packet for early-ed ESL. 
In this pack you will learn about Cinderella story and other characters through the worksheets included in this 50-page pack.

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