Saturday, April 30, 2016

End of the Year Activities

The end of the school year is in sight. The weather is getting warmer and the students are getting more restless. You need a good lesson to engage your students. We've got some great options for you for class projects and activities to get you through this!

Mundo de Pepita has this Printable Yearbook for Elementary students called "Un año entre amigos". Have students write fun messages to each other in Spanish to recall the fun times they've had in class.

Spanish Sundries uses this Giant Board Game to review for a final exam. This is a perfect lesson for those students who are always begging to play a game, while practicing answer questions at the same time.

SpanishPlans likes to have his students create and describe their own SuperHero at the end of the year.

Angie Torres uses this activity to set up 8 stations where students become the teacher to ask their peers questions to review themes from the school year.

SpanishMama talks about 10 amazing end of the year games. Whether, it's "Serpiente", "Bracket", or "Steal the Apple", these games and activities will make your students wanting more!

Emily Miller  tells us how her 2nd graders complete two year-end writing prompts: "Espero que en tercero..." (best response: "los niños aprendan a portarse bien!") and a prompt to give advice to next year's second graders. You can have your students write advice on how students can be successful in class or what to expect during the year.

Sol Azucar tells us about how she celebrates her students with End of the Year Awards. If you are looking for other ways to celebrate your students check out an earlier post.

What are your favorite end of the year activities? Share in the comments section below.

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