Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spanish Summer School Resources


If you are like me, you love your summers. For me, it's an opportunity to travel abroad and immerse myself in the Spanish language culture. For others, it may be a time to spend with family or rest. And for others, it may be an opportunity to earn some extra income by teaching summer school. If that is the case, we'd like to make your summer easier by suggesting these resources to use during your summer class.

We hope these resources engage your summer school students, whether it be an actual academic class or just a fun, camp-like experience.

Summer Spanish Printable Book
This printable activity book contains six activities that children can do over summer break, bringing language and culture to their vacation! The resource also includes a number of links for expanding on the cultural activities. The activities are 1)Recipe for making 'Paletas de fresa, 2) Summer vocabulary word search, 3)Play 'Rayuela', 4)Travel Bingo, 5)How to Make a Paper Mola, and 6)Grocery List in Spanish.

Summer Activity Set
This product includes two fun games and a word search to welcome "el verano" in your classes. Includes a bingo game, and a Yo tengo, quien tiene game. Features summer vocabulary words such as "el buzo, la pala, el sol, el cangrejo, el pez, la careta, la pelota, la paleta, la toalla, las sandalias, el traje de baño, la estrella de mar, los lentes de sol, el helado, el castillo de arena, 
la playa, el bronceador, el flotador, la silla, la sombrilla, la concha  de caracol, el balde, el pelícano, el bote."

Alma MovieTalk Lesson
Use this engaging and suspenseful short animated video to give your students comprehensible input. Includes a reading as well as a storyboard for students to re-tell the story.

Giant Board Game- Basic Spanish Questions
Turn your classroom into a GIANT Spanish board game while helping your students practice basic questions in Spanish.
This product includes 50 printable spaces and both teacher and student instructions for game play. Also included are EDITABLE spaces where you can add additional prompts or questions to target specific units or areas of weakness for your particular group of students.

Spanish Greetings and Intro Conversation
Practice greetings, introductory conversation, and small talk with this mini-unit containing 32 task cards. Simply print them out, hang them around the room or use stations to get your students engaged and creating conversation!

Spanish Animal Vocabulary
Missing Letters Animal Vocabulary Game is a fun way for students to learn and memorize animal vocabulary in Spanish without any prep (unless you want to cut the 1/2 pages puzzles in two parts!!). Students will read the clue about the animal, look for the missing letters in the oval, and unscramble them to reveal the animal! 

Spanish Speaking Country Coloring Set
Color by number flags for all 21 Hispanic countries.
Have students color these flags to make decorations for your classroom or for their rooms at home. 

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