Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Week Lessons and Activities in WL Class

SpanishPlans tells about how to hit the road running by using the Target Language on the very first day. His lesson lets students know that the teacher's job is to make class comprehensible for the students and that they students can be successful in class without needing English. Read more in... Spanish From Day 1

SpanishMama wants students to understand 3 things on the first day: 1)The target language is spoken as much as possible. 2) The teacher cares about you and you are in a safe environment. 3) The teacher is there to make the class comprehensible. To accomplish this, she offers 10 games and icebreakers that take out the anxiety and make students feel comfortable. Read more in... 10 IceBreakers and Games for the Language Classroom.  She also gives a great outline of her first two weeks of lessons here.

La Profesora Frida will tell you that establishing a good rapport with your students the first week of school will pay huge dividends the rest of the year. She gives some great ideas on how to get to know your students and creating a safe environment for language learners. Read more in.... The First Week of Spanish Class, Part 1. 

Ellen of MinutebyMinuteSpanish explains her first day's lesson using a Daily Tech Guide which provides visual support for her students to make the language comprehensible. You can read more about it in.... Spanish 1 Day 1 Lesson Script for 90% TL. 

Carolina of Fun for Spanish Teachers makes a book about herself to share with students. You can read about it in... An Idea for First Day of School. But she has also used a Prezi, played games, and used exit tickets, which you can read more about in...My First Day Back to School.

Allison of Mis Clases Locas, shares a detailed look into her lesson plans, which include music, persona especial, the Super Siete, and more! Read more in... 1st Week of Spanish Class using CI. She even has a "Can-Do statement" for each day: in this post about the first week of Spanish Class.

Profe Oxana shows us how she uses a song to practice names of students. (Nombre) se comió el pastel que le hizo su mamá. (Quién yo?) Sí, usted. (Yo no he sido). Quién fue? (nombre). Watch it in action here.

Mundo de Pepita uses pictures of words that are already part of our language to show students that they already know some Spanish words. 

M&M Bilingual has students fill out a Back to School book where students share information about themselves and also gets them started right away using her word wall. 

Sra. Cruz focuses on relationship building, with the Patch Adams philosophy,  and offers some fun activities and games in the TL including The Name Game, Would You Rather, Ball Activity, Two truths, one lie, and more in the First Days of Spanish Class post.

Free Resources:

-Have students fill out a profile that looks like a Facebook Page lets students tell you about their interests. Great way to get to know your students.

-Or have them fill in this document with information about themselves.

-Have students create a banner with their goals for the year.

-Students will write about class expectations in Spanish in this mini book.

Check back for more free resources for the first day to be added!

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