Sunday, November 13, 2016

Researching Famous Hispanics

Looking to add a bit of culture to your class with famous Latinos and Hispanics from the Spanish Speaking world? Check out the projects and resources below.

Notable Hispanic Americans Infographic Project: Research a Hispanic America with this template that includes space for name, title or profession, photo, date of birth and death, Hispanic country of origin, and a list of accomplishments, awards, etc. 
Includes a list of over 50 Hispanic Americans to choose from.

Review Spanish adjectives, professions, age, tener, ser, estar, etc., while learning interesting facts about famous people and famous Hispanics. This game can be used for advanced beginner, intermediate, or advanced students. Includes descriptions and pictures of 30 people in total (17 Americans and 13 Hispanics).

Famous Spaniard Project: Research a famous Spanish person for an essay and oral presentation. Students include basic demographics, historical/current context of the famous person's profession in Spain, important events in their life, their childhood, how they became famous, etc.

Check out the Spanish 1 version about a famous Latino.

Hispanic Leader Task Cards and Game:  40 task cards contain clues about different Latino and Hispanic Leaders. These leaders may be explorers, politicians, entertainers, sports heroes, etc. A few are even characters in TV shows or books that have influenced us. These leaders may have been born in the United States, but have Hispanic parents, or they may have been born in Latin America or Spain

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