Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Spanish French Resources

As the school year starts up, many of us are looking for beginning of the year activities and review games to start the year.

Spanish Present Tense Regular Verbs Interactive Flip Book
This file includes everything you need to create an interactive flip book with Spanish present tense regular verbs. This can be a stand alone flip book, or it could be added to an interactive notebook. It can be used to introduce or review regular verbs. It also works as a great study tool for students.

Spanish Question Words Picture Notes Set
Spanish question words in picture form! Make learning the questions easier for your students by giving them this concise study guide with each question word represented by an appropriate picture. Notes and quiz in one package!

Ontario French Curriculum Expectations - in Eng or Fr
Voici seize affiches (qui mesurent 8,5 x 11 ”) à imprimer et afficher dans la salle de classe pour rappeler aux élèves – et à l’enseignant(e) - les attentes générales du curriculum français langue seconde. Ces buts d’apprentissage conviennent aux années élémentaires, de la 1ere année à la 8e année pour les programmes de français de base, immersion et immersion tardive dans la province de l’Ontario et sont tirés du curriculum publié en automne 2013, qui sera mis en pratique dès septembre 2014.

French 1 Bundle
French Review Bundle: Save 20% by purchasing this bundle of four products for beginning French students! The four products are all saved as pdfs:

-French 1 Differentiated Instruction
-French 1 Review Packet (27 pages)
-Les Verbes au Present (46 pages)
-French 1 Task Cards  (31 pages)

Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol worksheets
  This product contains three worksheets that should be utilized at the beginning of the school year. Worksheets include:
1- Todo Sobre Mi-writing activity
2-Bingo Humano-Ice Breaker
3-Procedimientos de la clase-Group/Individual activity (students make predictions about classroom procedures)

Ser Adjective Flashcards
Spanish Level 1 Game to Practice Subject Pronouns, the Verb Ser, and forms of Adjectives with this interactive and engaging activity. This Kinesthetic/tacticle approach to teaching is a great way to differentiate instruction. Use it as a game and get your students excited about adjective agreement!
Over 50 flashcards ready for print.

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  1. Wonderful resources. Having an alternate language is a huge advantage any person can have. Imagine the opportunities that will come knocking on your door if you were able to master more than just one language.
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