Wednesday, August 6, 2014

World Language Resources for Back to School!

Check out these World Language Resources for Back to School!

Colorful, ready-to-go French Back To School Lotto Game. 30 lotto 
cards and the calling cards are all included.  If you laminate the cards 
they will last for many years and can be reused over and over again.

Activities to help students practice basic 
greetings and introductions. Focuses on students being able to say: how they're doing, their name, their age, their phone number, where they're from and where they live. 

Spanish subject pronouns in picture form! Make learning the subject pronouns easier for your students by giving them this concise study guide with each subject pronoun represented by an appropriate picture. Notes and quiz in one package! This set contains all of the subject pronouns in two formats: 1. Picture notes with word labels in an easy to follow study guide, which can be used to introduce the vocabulary, review pronunciation, prepare the students for an exam, or cut into flash cards for study purposes; and 2. Pictures without word labels, which may be used as a homework assignment, quiz or test of the vocabulary. As a bonus, these Spanish notes and visuals are also perfect for the ESE student in your class that requires modifications. Includes 2 pages.

This planner will walk you through lesson development that is focused, 
organized, and follows the natural process by which students learn 

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