Wednesday, March 11, 2015

World Language Teacher of the Week: Spanish Sundries

This week's featured seller is Holly Lamovsky, of Spanish Sundries. You can visit Holly's TeachersPayTeachers store and her blog Throw Away Your Textbook.

Teaching History:
I have been teaching Spanish since the Fall of 2000. Although I have predominantly been a High School Spanish Teacher, I have also helped out by teaching courses at the Middle School and Junior High levels when needed. During my 15 year career, I have taught everything from an exploratory Spanish class to Spanish 5. I even have taught a Spanish Enrichment Summer Camp. This year I am focusing all of my energy on Spanish 2 and trying to increase enrollment in our Spanish level 3-5 courses.

Favorite Thing about Teaching Spanish:
I love that teaching Spanish means that you don't have to limit yourself to one topic. I can find materials that are interesting to students and create a meaningful lesson. I love creating lessons that blend culture, vocabulary, and grammar all into one.

Favorite Lesson:
One of my favorite lessons is one that combines learning about the Running of the Bulls with comparisons and body part vocabulary. We learn about the event and the different ranches that provide the bulls. Each ranch has it's own reputation for having bulls that are fast, fiesty, etc. We then compare and contrast the bulls from the different ranches. We also learn about the course and watch video clips of the running where we discuss on what part of the body different runners were gored or injured. After we have learned all about the event and the bulls, we play a board game that simulates the running and students get to be bulls and runners and we see who can catch who. It is a high interest lesson that really gets students using the target language because they WANT to express their feelings and opinions on the topic. I have to admit, the kids aren't the only ones having fun with this one.

One Tip to Spanish Teachers:
Find ways to work material that you are passionate about into the curriculum. Culture and language studies are all about appreciating diversity. Teachers have diverse interests and experiences with the language - share those with your students.

Free Product:

Spanish Cartoon Listening Activities: Peppa Pig FREE PREVIEW

I love to use cartoons for listening activities. Since they are made for children, the language tends to be simpler and easier to understand. Also, the episodes are short and don't take up an entire class period so there is still time to do other things. Use the URL included in the product or do a search on YouTube for the cartoon title. Give your students this activity to complete as they watch the episode.  

Featured Product:

Corrida de Toros: Running of the Bulls & Bullfighting Cultural Unit

You can use my favorite lesson in your own classroom. This works well as a mini-unit that can be done in a variety of formats. I like to use it during testing week when I only have a short time with my classes and need something very interesting to combat the boredom of testing. I have also used this in stations or as several 10-15 minute class activities. However you choose to use it, your students will enjoy it.

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