Thursday, April 24, 2014

Question of the Week 2

Thursdays on Language Teachers' Café we bring you a guest blog post, a feature on a WL teacher, hot topics in World Language, or, this week, a Question of the Week answered by our panel of teachers.

This week's questions was:
What is your favorite website for students to practice the language inside or out of class?

  • - a free language-learning text translation website and app.
  • - Online flashcards
  • Spanish grammar, vocab, verbs
  • Zambombazo - "Una variada oferta de actividades divertidas basadas en obras culturales (canciones, tiras cómicas, carteles de cine, publicidad, arte, etc.) en las que se pretende aprender por descubrimiento sobre el idioma español y las culturas del mundo hispanohablante."
  • Digital - A variety of topics for French language learners using iPads.
  • Spanish Language and Culture with Barbara Kuczun Nelson - You may remember this site titled Spanish Grammar Exercises, it has lots of great practice.
  • - practicing conjugations
  • - "easy and fun way to learn and improve your foreign languages skills, through the music videos and the lyrics of your favorite songs"

Websites submitted by:
German Sektor
World Language Café
Spanish Sundries
Madame H 

What do you do in your classroom? Share with us in the comments below!

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