Thursday, April 10, 2014



Welcome to the Language Teachers' Cafe. We are a group of World Language teachers who are eager to connect with other foreign language teachers across the globe and share places. We want this to be a place where you can come and meet with other teachers, sit down with a cup of café, and find resources for your classroom.

We are a group of 14 teachers, and growing. We represent grades 6-12 in the subjects of Spanish, French, German, and elementary grades in Spanish. You can visit our blogs or our stores from TeachersPayTeachers. A few of our have facebook pages (which are listed on the right side of this page) and we'd love you to "like us". And if you are a pinterest person, check out our boards as well.

On Mondays, we plan to post FREE RESOURCES that you can download.

On Wednesday, we plan to post TEACHER RESOURCES that are available for purchase (at prices way less than publishers) that have taken hours to create so you can spend that time on other areas in your life.

On Thursday, we plan to post SPECIAL POSTS about topics that are interesting to you! Be on the look out to see how our members answer questions about topics that affect our classroom and our teaching.

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