Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WL Products

Every other Wednesday, we plan to post great resources for World Language teachers. Sure, everyone loves a freebie (which is why we host Freebies on Mondays), however we also value the work that educators do. The prices you will find on products from are way better than those you would find from teacher catalogs, plus all the money goes to hard working teachers rather than big corporations.
These products take hours and hours to create and are created by teachers in the real world creating products for students. We value the hard work and dedication of these teachers.

Here are our Top 5 Foreign Language Resources for the Week of April 16, 2014:

Bouge Avec Les Chiffres by Madame H:
An active game in which French students race to create numbers as they are heard. The teacher will read a number aloud and students recreate them with number cards. There are 5 different games.

Foreign Language Vocabulary Task Cards 20 Activities by Island Teacher:
This packet contains 20 different task card activities for students to practice vocabulary. The packet is all in English, so it can be used with vocabulary in any foreign language classroom (Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.). Great for differentiation and student choice.

Spanish Stories: Justo Castor - Superestrella Series & Activity Kit by Spanish Sundries:
This kit of original stories includes all 5 episodes of the "Justo Castor - Superestrella" (a story about Justin Bieber) series as well as 15 activities, 3 per episode. (60 pages total). Your students will enjoy examining the preterit and imperfect tenses, object pronouns, the future tense, gerunds AND learn loads of new vocabulary without even realizing they are working!

Spanish Rhyming Words las rimas for Dual Language by Open Wide the World:
This Spanish Rhyming Words - las rimas packet targets 24 words (12 word pairs) across 4 activities. Lots of ways to target this important phonological awareness & early reading component!
For Spanish Dual Language Immersion programs or Spanish as a foreign language teachers: no English on student pages!

World Language Review Games: 50 Games and Activities to Spice Up Your Classroom by The World Language Café:
These World Language review games, activities, and ideas will put the fun back into your classroom. Teach your students the target language while: designing T-shirts, enjoying authentic food at your own language cafe, playing classroom sports, singing songs, writing fairy tales, acting out movies, and much more. Your students will learn a ton, but won't even notice because they'll be having such a blast. This product includes over 50 games, activities, and ideas and over 30 pages of materials.

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