Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WL Resources 4/23

It's Wednesday. That means its time for another posting of awesome foreign language resources. Today we feature Spanish and Italian.

Spanish Culture: Cinco de Mayo - What Would Benito Juarez Do?
Are you sick of your students asking to have a party for Cinco de Mayo when they have no idea what they would be celebrating? In this interactive lesson, students take on the role of Benito Juarez as he makes critical decisions in history that lead to the Battle commemorated by Cinco de Mayo in this "Choose Your Own Adventure" inspired Power Point Presentation.

Fiesta de San Fermin Activities

Need a fun end of year activity or sub plan? What’s up with the Running of the Bulls? Students find out through a reading, trivia game, mini-poster and more.
Spanish Spring Conversation or Task Cards
Get students writing and speaking about the season! Included in this set are 30 questions on cards. All questions start with the phrase "En la primavera..."
EX: En la primavera...¿Cuáles deportes pueden practicar los estudiantes?"
These cards can be used as either writing or speaking activities. They are very versatile and can be used as warm-ups, stations, or class games.

Spanish Mothers Day Book-Feliz dia de la madre libro
 This is a 5 page book that students will make for their mothers in Spanish. Activities include writing an ode poem, chores gift page, all about my mother, and photo frame with poem. When students have the book complete they decorate it and bring it home to mom as a special gift

Newspaper reading & comprehension activities - example in Italian

Newspaper response for LOTE students
• 19 pages of activities with sample news articles in Italian
• Please note: news articles are sourced from the Internet as an example text. Students can use color coded version or blank and white version to color code themselves.

Groups will research a Hispanic country in South or Central America. The student project includes a presentation board, map, travel brochure, and flag. Rubric is detailed but this file is a Word file so the buyer can EDIT any part of the project or rubric to their satisfaction.

Students must research their information and cite sources. This project is great for middle school or high school Spanish classes looking to teach about the countries and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Can be used for another other country project as well (social studies, geography classes, other language classes)

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