Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Today is a Special Edition of Wednesday's Resources to highlight resources related to Cinco de Mayo.

Here's 5 resources for 5 de Mayo

1. Spanish Culture: Cinco de Mayo - What Would Benito Juarez Do?

In this interactive lesson, students take on the role of Benito Juarez as he makes critical decisions in history that lead to the Battle commemorated by Cinco de Mayo in this "Choose Your Own Adventure" inspired Power Point Presentation.

2. Informative CINCO DE MAYO Webquest! - English version or Spanish Version

Students will find out the true story about "Cinco de mayo," including what it's actually about, who truly celebrates it, and why Mexican-Americans in the United States usually celebrate it more than people in Mexico!

3. Stop Throwing Fiestas for Cinco de Mayo: a blog post explaining the importance, or rather, lack-thereof, of this "holiday"

4. "Cinco de Drinko" Includes a calendar of actual Mexican holidays, Free Hispanics in the USA info sheet, authentic tweets and more.

5. Rethinking Cinco de Mayo
Article by Sudie Hofmann explores stereoytpes.

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