Monday, December 28, 2015

Fun for Spanish Teacher's Top Posts of the Year

¡Hola! My name is Carolina, and I run a blog called “Fun for Spanish Teachers,”  a little corner of the internet dedicated to build connections and share ideas amongst the world language teachers anywhere on this planet! I have been teaching for 15 year in the United States, and I love having a space where I can share what has or hasn’t worked for me in the classroom. After all, teaching is always filled with surprises that you constantly learn from.  My goal for the upcoming year is to continue adding content for the elementary level, but I also plan to grow to offer more for middle school teachers! I invite you to subscribe to my blog to stay tuned for more teaching tips, ideas, and resources for Spanish class.

Here are the most visited posts in the 2015!

5. An Idea For The First Day of School
It doesn’t matter how long you have been teaching, the “first day butterflies” in your stomach are real! This post gives you some ideas for that first day. Many of the ideas shared in this post can be adapted for different levels.

Knowing how to bring language, culture, and fun together is key when teaching Spanish at any level. This post is a compilation of some traditional games that students at the elementary, middle, and even high school level will enjoy. And YES, you will be teaching language in context!

This post lists a group of Spanish teachers of different levels who are active on social media. All in one place!

Not having a classroom represents a challenge for many teachers at the elementary level. Since many visuals and props are needed, and we teach so many different grades, this requires a special degree of organization and planning. In this post, I share how I've tackled this challenge, and what has worked for
me. If you are a traveling teacher, you might be able to find some useful ideas here!

Interactive Student Notebooks have been a life-saver for me and a wonderful teaching tool at the elementary school level. I started using them last year and fell in love with them! Finally, the Interactive Student Notebook is a way to keep my students’ work in one place and an awesome tool to connect with parents.

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