Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top 5 Posts from SpanishMama for 2015

¡Hola! I'm Elisabeth Alvarado and blog at Spanish Mama, where I share ideas for teaching Spanish for all ages. I also write about being a bicultural family and raising bilingual kids. I love games and creating materials that get students speaking and active!   

5. Christmas in Spanish-Speaking Countries: A Collection A round-up of posts on Navidad in Hispanic countries that includes crafts, songs, activities, videos, printables, and more. This one keeps growing as I come across more posts!

4. Conversation Jenga A fun way to get your students speaking by writing questions on Jenga blocks. I love coming up with creative ways to have students to Q & A together, beyond reading from a textbook or worksheet. This also works well for groups who finish early, or as a reward. My students beg for this one!

3. Our Favorite Colors Songs in Spanish I am doing a favorite songs on YouTube in Spanish series, for parents who want their families to learn Spanish, or for teachers looking for songs by topic. So far I've covered numbers, colors, farm animals, Christmas songs. and nursery rhymes. 

2. Printable Euro Tickets for Accountability This printable is part of a system I came up with for keeping students accountable for speaking in the Target Language in the classroom. It helps keep me organized as well! This would work for any language spoken where euros are used.

1. Los Animales: Ideas and a Freebie! A free "Yo tengo... ¿quién tiene? printable for learning 36 animals in Spanish. The post also includes 6 fun ideas for practicing animal terms. 

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