Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mundo de Pepita's Top Post of 2015

I founded Camden Rockport Elementary School's K-4 Spanish program over 18 years ago, building it from scratch using the ACTFL standards as a guide and creating my own materials to implement my curriculum. Mundo de Pepita is a dream come true, bringing together my love of illustrating with my passion for teaching Spanish to young children. My blog strives to provide resources, ideas, and tips for elementary language instruction. ~Julie, Mundo de Pepita

5. Activities to Introduce Venezuela into Your Elementary Spanish Program Bring culture to your classroom with a focus on Venezuela! Arts and crafts, links to videos, books, and recipes provide tangible resources to highlight this incredible country.

4. Tips for the Traveling Foreign Language Teacher Many of us at the elementary school travel from classroom to classroom, often on a cart. Here are a plethora of tips to make this more manageable and productive.

3. Mystery Country Bags- Let's Play Detective! How to create mystery country bags to engage your learners and present culture in tangible ways! My students love looking at all the items in each bag and trying to figure out which country they come from!

2. Frida Kahlo in the Elementary Spanish Program Loads of resources for talking about Frida Kahlo in the elementary school, including apps, links, books, and more. 

1. 21 Listening Comprehension Activities for the Elementary Foreign Language Classroom Twenty-one activities to foster listening comprehension with children, including games, movement activities, and more!

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