Thursday, May 1, 2014

Question of the Week 5/1

Thursdays on Language Teachers' Café we bring you a guest blog post, a feature on a WL teacher, hot topics in World Language, or, this week, a Question of the Week answered by our panel of teachers.
This week, the question was "How has being able to communicate in another language impacted your life"? I think the answers to these question clearly show how valuable learning and knowing another foreign language can be. Share this answers with your students and let them know the opportunities that await them!

"My life is multi-dimensional. It has opened doors for me into other worlds and made me more of an open and global thinker. More of an abstract thinker because there is always more than one way to interpret and understand something." -@mcastroholland
"It has allowed me to become a more cultured person through the interactions I have with native speakers and the experiences I have had visiting Spanish-speaking countries. I have also been able to impact others by sharing my love of Spanish traveling abroad with groups of students. I hope to teach my 16 month old son Spanish as well."
-Spanish Sundries
"Huge impact! Broader worldview. More compassionate and open to multiple perspectives and opinions. Increased opportunity to help people. ...and the list goes on and on and..."
@holaSrHoward (
"Helped me to integrate more fully into my husband's family. His mother was Québécoise, and so when her relatives call or email, it tends to be me they speak to directly. We LOVE LOVE LOVE going to spend time with them, and having our children know that our family's background is varied & diverse."
"It has helped me understand other cultures and develop an interest in them. When you speak a foreign language, it gives you many opportunities in life to connect with other people. I remember one train ride in France where the older people sitting next to me spoke only French. They knew I was an American and solemnly said they wanted to thank me for what the Americans did for France in World War II. That was a memorable moment."
-Caroline from I Speak your Language
"My ability to communicate in another language impacted my life by allowing me to be in a career that I love! Teachers here have a very hard time finding work, and being bilingual has opened so many more doors for me and I was able to find a job right away compared to some other great teachers out there who are still waiting for their opportunity. "
-Linda, The Purple Teacher
"Funny story: My husband and I decided to get married in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. Our first night we were at one of the restaurants and they served phenomenal bread! It was really warm and had a distinct flavor with cheese in the middle. When my husband who has a soft place for bread asked for seconds, the waitress said no. On our last night at the resort, we went back to that restaurant. This time we knew our waiters (most waiters served breakfast, lunch, and dinner but in different uniforms) because they had served us throughout the week. At this point they knew I spoke Spanish and they asked me our favorite part of the resort. When they heard my husband thought the bread was the absolute best part, they not only brought us a second but also a third basket of bread! My husband has never been happier to be married to me!"
@SraDentlinger (
I've gotten so many opportunities to travel, to do mission work. It has totally opened my eyes to the world around me and shaped me more than anything else. I met one of my best friends ever. She is from Costa Rica and without learning Spanish I never would have met her."
-Heather Murr
Tell us your story! Leave a comment with how your life has been impacted by speaking another language.

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