Saturday, May 10, 2014

Class Mascot Activity

Here’s a fun idea for any world language classroom – it’s amazing how having your own kids in school inspires you. Got this class mascot idea from my daughter’s kindergarten class.

Find a stuffed animal, doll, inflatable monster, gnome, etc. to be your class mascot/exchange student. Pick a different mascot for each class that you have.  Let the students name him and decide where he’s from, why he’s here, what his family is like, etc. Each week, a student gets to take him home and take pictures of him doing activities. Give the student a sheet of paper with lines to write 10 sentences about what the mascot did and a rectangle for a 4×6 picture on the front and blank space on the back for additional pictures. Keep a different color binder with plastic insert pages of the student’s work and pictures for each class.  The other classes will be interested in seeing what all the mascots are doing.
When you talk about weekend activities on Mondays with your class, the student of the week is responsible for talking about what the mascot did and showing off the pictures. The student should bring the mascot to school every day so that he can sit in class and learn the language. Let the mascot be part of class activities when appropriate (games, reading in a funny voice, etc.).  You can also make a flat version of the mascot and have students take pictures of him/her in other random places, cities, or countries.

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