Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Foreign Language Resources 5/14

As the school year winds down, many of us are looking for end of the year activities, review games, and final assessments. Here's some that hopefully give you less stress at the end of the year:

German Speaking Activities, Test, Oral Exam for Midyear, Midterm or Final Exams

These German Speaking Activities are perfect for midyear, midterm, and/or final exams. This German Oral Exam includes 40 situations to ask your students such as:

There is a wide range in the situations from basic to advanced intermediate (using past tense to tell a story). I usually use these questions with my foreign language levels 2-4 students. These German Speaking Test also include teacher tips and a foreign language speaking rubric for grading the exam.
Check out our other languages, including Portugues, Spanish, & French.

French End of Year Game - Parlez ou Pantomime

This fast-paced game makes a fun semester or year end review for French students who have just one minute to give oral clues or gestures, hoping their team can guess the six words in a category (verbs, clothing, foods, animals, professions, places, feelings, transportation, sports and more). Targets multiple intelligences: bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and linguistic.  

La Primavera Activity Set {Spanish}

This product will help you and your students learn vocabulary related to the spring season.
Vocabulary: la mariposa, el conejo, el árbol, el pájaro, la lluvia, la cometa, el pollito, la flor, la primavera

This set includes:
1. E-Book: La Primavera
2. Counting Flash Cards (1-10)
3. Memory Game (9 pairs):
4. Coloring Book
5. Coloring Page

Expresate 1 Spanish Final Exam

Expresate One Final Exam (8th Grade Level 1, High School Level 1 Semester 2)
This zipped file includes:
- Listening/Reading Document
- 83 Question Multiple Choice Document
- Study Guide of what topics are on the test

Spanish Review Game Cuatro En Linea - Four in a Row, Connect Four

Learn, practice, PRODUCE! Help your students practice their Spanish speaking skills with this fun game, "Cuatro En Linea!"

This game works just like the "Connect Four" game many of us played as children, but with a Spanish twist!

This 9 page packet includes:

-clear instructions
-2 sets of instruction cards to laminate and hand out to partner pairs
-2 pre-made game boards with Spanish questions (beginner's level)
-2 BLANK game boards!! You can fill in these game boards to suit your classroom needs and help your students practice ANY level of Spanish!

Check back next week for even more end of year activities.

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