Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of Year Resources

With the end of the year fast approaching, here are some activities to help you plan the final days.


French 1 Review Packet

This French 1 Review Packet is a great resource to provide students at the end of the semester to review for the final exam or over the summer months before they begin French 2. All questions are written in French.  27 page download.

(FREE) Communicative activity: Summer Vacation Write, Draw, Pass

In this activity, students can play a game using original sentences about summer vacation or one of the 30 pre-made Spanish sentences (English translations provided so that teachers of other languages can adapt the activity for their classes). In the game, students interpret pictures and sentences from their classmates to figure out what everyone will be doing this summer. Works great to practice ir + a + infinitive! Detailed instructions are included for the game and for several possible extensions. 

Spanish Summer Workbook by Spanish Sundries

This workbook contains over 16 activities covering some of the most common themes from beginning Spanish. Although constructed as a tool to keep students skills sharp over the summer break, these activities could just as easily be used throughout the school year in class, as homework, or as sub plans.


Les Certificats by Madame H
These are the perfect certificates to award your French students of any level at the end of the school year! The download includes seven different designs with the same wording, a place to write student name, school attended, and teacher. All wording is in French. There are 2 colored designs (blue, red) and 5 black and white designs. Pick and choose for different levels you teach or use the same one for all of your students.  

Spanish Future Tense - Este Verano

When thoughts turn to summer vacation, use this end of year activity to review the future tense. Students and teacher stand and circulate with their list of questions, trying to find “yes” answers to questions about what students will do this summer, next week or tomorrow. They can only ask two questions per person so they must choose their questions wisely. Students sit down as soon as they have “yes” answers to all questions (or when they have questioned everyone).

Guess Who? in Spanish Game Clue sheet for students

For students playing the game "Guess Who?" to practice asking about people's descriptions, I give students a laminated copy of this sheet for them to remember the correct vocabulary including: hair colors, eye colors, size of hair/nose, if they are man/woman, if they have a mustache or beard, etc.

No English is used on the sheet. Each word has a picture next to the Spanish word.

Using the verb "TENER" or "SER" to describe physical appearance or characteristics.

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