Monday, May 12, 2014

French Freebies May 12

This week we feature 5 French Freebies!

Les activités du printemps: Les petites affiches

This freebie contains 12 posters of various spring activities children like to do. Also included are the additional vocabulary cards: faire du vélo and jouer au soccer if you prefer to teach these alternatives.

I use these cards in several different ways: as posters on my bulletin board, as flashcards to play charades, vocabulary reference cards at a writing center or I print them four to a page and make cards for Go Fish or memory.

French Shoe Verb Mini Posters (Set 1) Three French shoe verb visuals to create a bulletin board to enhance learning. A sports figure delightfully illustrates what happens when the stem of these stem changing verbs is stressed. A second mini-poster has a sports shoe in which the verb is conjugated. A third mini-poster lists some verbs that follow the shoe verb #1 conjugation pattern. As the saying goes, un dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Activité d'antonyme : Les granges

Dans cette activité qui combinent l'art avec la grammaire, les élèves doivent creuser leurs têtes (ou utiliser un dictionaire de synonymes!) pour trouver des antonymes aux mots simples qu'ils utilisent dans leurs écrits.

French Prices & Currencies

This is a series of brief worksheets related to money and prices in French-speaking places. the first identifies the differences between how prices are written in English and in French (using the dollar as the currency unit).

The second identifies the currency of about 25 countries where French is a national language. There are two versions of this worksheet so you can select the level right for your students, as well as which information you would like them to research.

The third engages some critical thinking skills as students calculate what the price of certain souvenirs in francophone countries would be in American dollars, and then discuss alternatives in terms of their preferences in spending a limited amount of money.

Le Rasisme: Epreuve 2  

This is an essay test in the form of an IB French B Épreuve 2 on the topic of racism. There are four prompts of which students must choose 1 and create a 250 word essay in 90 minutes. Students need to be familiar with the music of Diam's and the film La Haine. 

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