Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Freebies 5/19

Querer + Infinitive Practice Worksheet
Practice the verb querer combined with an infinitive. Includes fill-in-the-blank, translation, and responding to questions. Great for beginning Spanish students practicing creating simple sentences.

Spanish reading comprehension: Conocemos a Lucia
An easy reading comprehension exercise about a Spanish teenager.(True/False and answer the questions) 2 pages.

It includes family, age, likes, dislikes, and physical description.

Daily Routine - Reflexives - Alejandro Sanz song

Using the song "Lola Soledad" by Alejandro Sanz, students will write Lola's daily routine. They must think about whether each activity requires a reflexive verb or not, then write an original sentence in the third person singular. A list of verbs and transition words is provided so that their work will have continuity and read like a story. A link to the music video is included.

4 page packet describing the difference between presente tense and past tense (preterite/preterito) for -AR verbs including the irregular -Car, -Gar, -Zar verbs.

Answers included for partial notes portion (Additional pages)

Completely Free Packet, ready to use. Print, make copies, and use in your class today!

If you like this packet, try our guided notes for -ER, IR verbs!

Organizadores gráficos ( Free Spanish Graphic Organizers Common Core Aligned )

For 2nd-5th grade: A set of 2 graphic organizers entirely written in Spanish. They are specially designed for teaching and practicing problem and solution in both narrative and informational text.

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